Monday, March 29, 2010

Hopians Reunion - Riverside

this was supposed to be sunday's post
guess i'm too busy with college stuff. huu :(

so last saturday reunion Hopians at riverside. :)
then msa tu lak Earth Hour.
mkn gelap je msa tu. HAHAH :D

x rmai ar yg dtg
lebih kurang 10 org yg dtg. huu :(

da abes mkn.
gi Jusco tgh cite KL Drift 2
t'baekk ar. :)

enjoy the pics. :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010


okayy. :D
so smalam reunion kat tusyen madam.
x rmai yg dtg.
cume aku , seypul , izzul , rais , loga , liza n nadia je. :)

pergh !
izzul da bole drive daa. HAHA :D

so gi ar mkn kat kdai mamak skali ngan madam and sir asogan.
then sir sara muncul. HAHA :D
janji nk maen rock climbing ngan dia rmai2.
t'ingin do nk hang out ngan diorang sume lg.
college nih memenatkan ar. :(

oh yea.
liza p0n akan masuk LKW bulan july nnti.
yeah !
ade kawan lg. :D

here's the some pics. :)


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII :)

dum....dum....dum !

the game i've been waiting for.
since when ? i think 3 years ago. HAHA :D


woohooo. :D

so i just got it today when i was having my lunch at mines.
so i think ' hey , i better take a look for FFXIII price though '
instead of waiting tomorrow to get it at sunway.
i finally bought it !
for a price of RM199

cover. :)

getting ready to play. :)

oh !
my SPM results ?
not that good though
not what i've been expected
lot of subjects i've targeted A
but almost all got B+
haihx. :(

cheers !
i'm gonna play FFXIII though. HAHA :D

c yea. ;D

Sunday, March 7, 2010

sunway pyramid. :)

so as mentioned in my earlier blog. :)

yesterday gi outing kat sunway pyramid dgn hafiz , tya , fahrina and cherry. :)
sume lim kok wing frens.
so nk rpt2 ar. HAHA ;D

so drive gi sne took about 20 minit.
smpai sne jumpe diorang then mkn Burger King. HAHA ;D
da kenyang , jln2 jap. :D

not much activity though.
then we watch 'Paris With Love'
the movie so funny deh. HAHA ;D

then mlm gi hntar diorang blk Desaria.
its fun though hanging out with them.
cume dlm klas je la x b'cakap.
rsanye lps outing ni msti b'cakap punye. HAHA :D

flash. :D

friends. :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

my abandoned blog. :(

pergh !
b'habuk blog aku
sarang lebah p0n ade daa. HAHA :D

this week had started my class.
Ms. Laila is my class special inforcer (mcm guru kelas laa) HAHA :D
she's funny and quite garang deh. HAHA ;D

so today gonna hang out with hafiz , tya and fahrina at sunway pyramid.
i'll post the pics IF we took some pics yaww. HAHA ;D

c yea ppl. :)