Thursday, February 25, 2010

orientation day

so yesterday orientation day at Lim Kok Wing started.
ade la ceramah psl ape yg akan b'laku pada zaman kolej nnti. :D

so lepak ar dgn elaine & jasmine. hee :D
xsgka diorang friendly gile.
msa kat skolah masing2 wat derkk je. :D
yasir lak rmai kwn2 foreigners dia.
pastu lupe aku. cm sial. HAHA :D

will try to take pic in the next upcoming orientation day. :)
this saturday they held like a talentime show.
so i'll be peforming. hee :D

wish me luck ppl. :)
c yea. ;)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

muncung :)

cak cak ! HAHA :D

bored stayed at home this whole weekend. huu :(
next week enrolment Lim Kok Wing daa. hee ;)
can't believe i'm starting my college life.
da tua da aku ni. HAHA :D

Muncung oh muncung..
ash asyik pikir psl u la muncung. huu :(
u're kinda that special to me. :)
imysm. :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

is she the one ?

she made happy these days.
she filled in the space in my heart.
the loneliness i suffered for the past 8 months.
just one question.

Are u the one i've been looking for ?

she's too perfect.
she has everything.
but am i good for her ?

if is it me that u chose.
i'll promise i'll make u happy.

Thx for making me HAPPY. :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

malas tol nk m'update blog. ;D

waahh !
Hebat ! Lama x update blog ! ;D


sbb ape yek aku ltak gmba ni ? ;D

Last tuesday maen futsal ngan dak2 tusyen.
Sir Sara p0n maen. AHA :D
Letih kot. Lama x rembat bola.
Skunk cm da lembik je. Huhux. :(
And hp seypul p0n ilang. Huhux. Sian dia. :(

Bru2 ni maken rpt blk dgn anis ;D
Entah ar. Dia da mntak maaf. So maafkan je la. :D
And she gave me this really cute pic. HAHA :D

Awww. Thx anis ;D

Pergh ! Rndu gle babi kat cikgu2 sume.
Huhux. HOPIANS !! When's the next gathering ? :(

Oh ! And I'm kinda addicted to the Raja Lawak show.
Watch this video.
If u understands. U'll laugh ur heart out ( that's wat happened to me ) ;D

Oh ! Next wekk CNY.
Happy Chinese New Year to all the chinese. :D
Gong Xi Fa Chai. ;D

c yea ppl. ;D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

back :D

so aku m'hilang lama da. HAHA :D

so sabtu lps gi Genting ngan family.
but my mom kat jakarta.
best ! weather t'baek punye. ;D

here's few pics. ^^

Genting Highland ;D

me and dad ^^

me and sis :D

in the line for Corkscrew :D

aku kat dlm tu weh ! :D

beruk sesat ;D


woohoo xD

Flying Coaster :D

cuak do naek ni xD

cold weather xD
dad ^^

sis ^^

me ^^

so last friday hafiz back from tabliq.
welc0me back bro. ^^

and to ppl who hated me or talked bad about me.
its best u get off from my blog !!
u hav no life that's why u talk bad about me.
mcm babi. gi mampus ar.
blah ar. muke cm gampang. sbb tu x ngaku diri dia bile dia kut0k aku.
sape kahwin ngan dia mmg malang ar.

kl0 x puas ati ngan aku. ckp dpn2 ar. huh !