Saturday, May 22, 2010


gi KL ari nih sbb ade DC gath ,
pics upload later arh ,
malas gile nk transfer. HAHA :DD

masa tgh lunch dgn diorang td ,
dyana msg , suruh amek dia then gi jln2 nek kete aku ,
aduuhh ~ time tu aku kat KL plak ,
suruh tggu 30 mins , dia ckp maybe abg dia dah blk , adoi ~
*bunyi dia cm kecewa da
bole kata aku melepas kot nk jumpe dia ,
gosh ! teringin gile nk jumpe dia ~

i'm sorry dyana. :(

p.s - one day we will meet , trust me. :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

it ends here ~ :'(

i'm happy if you're happy dear ~
hope you and your ex are back together ~
i'm here always when you're hurt dear ~
my shoulders are yours ~ :'(

*sad & suffocating

Saturday, May 15, 2010

N D :'(

Nurul Dyana bt Abdullah

You never fail to make me happy~
And you can make me sad whenever i felt that you were lefting me alone , which you did not do~

You melted my heart when you said 'iloveyou' word ~
You make me eager to meet you on our first date , which we've planned many things to do ~

I'm sorry dear ~
I'm just scared of losing you ~
All i have to do is , think the positivity of you ~

'I'm yours' and 'You're mine' kan kan ?
These two words are my favourite words when having a conversation with her. :')

I'll wait for you my dear ~
Untill you can accept my love for you ~

hunn ~
iloveyouuusoooomuch ~~

Friday, May 14, 2010

100th post & capital N D :)

wow ~
100th post.
yeayy ! congrats me ! :DD
*prasan. :P

youu !
iloveyou and youloveme rite ?
i'll be waiting for you my dear ~
and you know that. :))

N D ! iloveyouuusooomuch ! :DD

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

when 'angau' strikes ;((

keep on getting closer with her ,
and thinking bout her ,
these are the things what i'm doing these days.

when you said the 'iloveyou' word ,
you melted my heart ,
but when you said that you wasn't ready yet ,
it frustrated me. :'(

there's no doubt , you're the one that i most cared about , i'll wait for you if you ready for me dear , my heart is always opened for you , :')


Thursday, May 6, 2010

4 malls in one day. :D:D

haiyoo ~~
penat ouh hari nih , HAHA :D:D

outing je keje. :D
gi amek izzul then gi Mines
jumpe danial , izzuddin , ayoyy and hafiz (member badminton)
then liza , ayu , seypul and rais plak dtg (member tusyen)

lepas maen boling ,
gi lepak ngan member tusyen ,
makan then borak2 sume. HAHA

then gi Jusco BMC yg bru bukak tu ,
xde laa excited sgt pon. :((

then gi Jusco Balakong plak , HAHA
teman seypul beli baju utk dia matriks nnti. :)

then xjumpe ,
gerak Leisure Mall plak. HAHA :D

sumpah mmg pnat. =_='
tp bkannye slalu pon.

gosh , i wonder if we ever hanging out again like this in the future ,
where everyone is busy with their college life. hmm :((

here's some pics

Bunkface wannabe :P

twins , kinda :D

Jusco BMC

bye ~ :D

Saturday, May 1, 2010

DEXERA gathering

okayy ,
since my blog ade byk labah2 ,
time to update it. :P

so today DEXERA 1st gathering at Pavvilion ,
da laa hp xbyr bil pagi td ,
so nk jumpe diorang pon xcam muke ,
naseb baek kimi tegor aku td. HAHA :P

so yg aku knal td ,
eyla , aryna , zul , kimi , and anwar
yg laen xknal sgt. HAHA :D

c yea ppl ~ :))