Sunday, April 25, 2010

busy busy busy ~

currently busy with assignments , :((

will update soon. :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Video Games Live & PC Fair

woots ! :P

so last saturday gi KLCC
for two reasons :

- PC Fair
- Video Games Live

so gi kul 3 cmtu
gi DELL punye booth
and guess what ?!
i've got it !



woohoo ~
this laptop is awesome
suitable for serious gamers. :D

oh ! speaking of games
after PC Fair , went to the VGL ( Video Games Live ) concert
went with calvin , alex , loga , aziz , daniel slaine , & few other surians

and i got to say


One Winged Angel !
my favourite song of the night. :D

mmg best ar. :D

bye ~ ;D

Friday, April 9, 2010

penat ! LOL :D

first of all
soo sorry cuz not so active at blogging nowadays. :(
been buzy with assignments. LOL :D

td gi FUTSAL beb !
secara tidak sengaja , satu team ditubuhkan !


why ONG ?
sbb member2 dlm team nih sumenye drpda satu tuition
where the teacher is Madam Ong. LOL :D

Members :
- Saiful
- Rais
- Izzul
- Tayjis
- Daanis
- Logaa
- Khaleel

so td lwn ngan dak sg long
xkire p0n markah LOL :D
sje je maen
diorang lak serius je maen
kite smpai gelak2 LOL

then habes maen
gi lepak kat Wawasan
makan LOL
lapar ouh. :(

lama do xlepak ngan dak2 tusyen
insyaALLAH in the future
we'll hang out again. ;D

c yea ppl. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

awww ~~

she's too sweet ~~~

happy gler aku mlm nih.
aww ~~

btw ,
will post more later cuz now buzy with assignments. huu :(

bye2 :)